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The objective of this initiative was to enable swift, cost-effective, and accurate order fulfillment, as well as to have a real-time view of the inventory while working to tackle the following challenges and requirements stated by the organization:

1. The workers fulfilling the orders are contractual workers who might be replaced often and hence may not be acquainted with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in inventory placement, retrieval, and reconciliation.

2. These workers must be aware of the capacity of the bins and ensure that the rules governing inventory picking, such as LIFO, FIFO, etc., are being followed

Note: Our client wishes to be anonymous, which we fully respect and adhere with


ServeVis – Designed for Efficiency & Profits

Challenges Faced – a Glimpse

  1. Very slow & inaccurate methodology for identification of goods 
  2. Unsatisfactory performance in poor lighting conditions 

What could be the Solution?

  1. Functionality that encompasses more accurate work process insights and role-based views
  2. Line of sight information on the commodity to be picked 
  3. Instant access to expert guidance 
  4. A cutting-edge platform to identify and prevent errors

Proposed Solution

ServeVis, through smart glasses, renders the workers to get step-by-step directions on the know-how of performing a task. Assistance would be provided on:

  • Information about the item to be picked such as the location, quantity, and picture.
  • Scanning of the warehouse for the items present in the order. 
  • More intricately, each task shows up on the platform as a ticket. 
  • The visuals taken by the smart glass can also help identify the workers not following the guidance of the AR system. 

Results? Increased efficiency, thanks to the collaborative and quick troubleshooting features offered by AR-based guides and video assistance, especially when teams may be required to pick and identify the right goods while facing issues such as multiple barcodes. 

Benefits, as Reported

  1. Proper adherence to workplace norms, and prevention of hazardous distractions during loading and unloading operations
  2. 75% reduction in errors 
  3. 63% progress in the speed and efficiency of work. as job orders are tracked and resolved at speed. 
  4. Improved productivity of new hires, thanks to interactive, step-by-step visual training  
  5. Increase in employee satisfaction scores from 60 to 80 % since deployment.

Start collaborating with your field teams and customers to solve issues faster

ServeVis is a product of TNQ InGage. ServeVis enables you to see what your customers or field technicians see and guide them remotely with AR-powered visual assistance tools.


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