Case Study

Real-Time Assistance for Machinery Installation

Installation is a critical procedure, which is complex, costly, and risky. But there is a way to reduce this complexity and make it a safe and productive process. Let’s see how.


An automobile company came to us with a pressing need in their installation processes. They reported a knowledge gap among the teams that led to excessive timelines for work completion, worksite injuries, and increased operational costs. These issues, coupled with increasing customer demands, made installation a very tedious affair.  


ServeVis – Streamlining Field Services for a Smarter World

Challenges Faced

  1. Risky process
  2. Lengthy technical training
  3. Lack of support from the expertise
  4. Need for travel
  5. Excessive installation timelines
  6. Increased operational costs

Addressing These Challenges

  1. Automated system for the end-to-end installation process.
  2. Real-time collaborative assistance from an expert to field engineer.
  3. Access to the right data and information at the right time.
  4. Need for AR Enabled self-support for installation.

ServeVis Solution

ServeVis provided the organization with complete workflow automation and interactive visual guidance (through smartphones / AR glasses). This provided the field engineers with access to important information such as Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), installation manuals, installation guidelines, and real-time expert support from people located anywhere in the world. The flow of communication was made easier through collaborative tools such as video or catboats.

The above benefits quick-fired their troubleshooting efforts, paving the way for a simplified, productive, and safe work setting. The self-support feature of ServeVis provided a new level of self-installation to customers, thereby reducing technician dispatch rates. 

Benefits at a Glance 

  1. Streamlined workflow 
  2. Quick access to crucial information 
  3. Eased collaboration 
  4. Simplified, productive, and safe work setting  
  5. Reduce technician dispatches and truck roll costs

Start collaborating with your field teams and customers to solve issues faster

ServeVis is a product of TNQ InGage. ServeVis enables you to see what your customers or field technicians see and guide them remotely with AR-powered visual assistance tools.


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