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Multinational Tyre Manufacturing Company Record 80% Efficiency with ServeVis

A multinational tyre manufacturing company improves work efficiency and turnaround time using ServeVis’s real-time field support and collaboration platform

Overview – Heavy Demand for Expert Input, Commissioning Challenges, and the Knowledge Gap

ServeVis had the opportunity of working with a famed  tyre manufacturing company, which usually commissions PLC machines before putting them into operation – a process that requires all systems and components of a machine to be designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained as per their operational requirements. But the stages involved in such a procedure were also rigged with the complexities involved in any old-school manufacturing technique. Teams were forced to wait in the face of an imminent issue, as expert help was not always available, and bringing them onto the field had its own set of risks and challenges, given the threat posed by the pandemic. Engineers were left to their own devices, which stagnated the entire process. 

The company then turned towards ServeVis to enable remote commissioning, so that this very initial process can be conducted from a remote location. Let’s examine the benefits it brought to the table. 

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ServeVis – Designed for Efficiency & Profits

Challenges Faced – a Glimpse

  1. The need for experts to be near the machine when the field team is commissioning or installing
  2. Prolonged duration of equipment maintenance
  3. Increased operational costs 
  4. Delayed turnaround time

What could be the Solution?

  1. Access to industrial equipment from a remote location 
  2. A platform to communicate easily & better 
  3. A hand-on learning curriculum

ServeVis Solution – Real-Time Field Support & Collaboration Platform

The basic goal of any digital platform is to increase work efficiency, reduce the time of equipment maintenance, and be a cost-effective aid. Remote commissioning is designed to enable access to industrial equipment from a remote location.

The solution we provided helped the company to remotely access machines, without having the need to visit the site to control and monitor the same; and to remotely assist the workforce during the installation and acceptance test. It paved the way for clear, concise communication, due to the high level of interactivity rendered by the visual annotation feature along with Sticky notes. This is notably a feature that cannot be found in telephonic or normal visual collaboration systems. 

Just observe the way the platform works – As you don’t have to travel much, you can stay where you are and not worry about excessive commissioning costs. This means the investment in remote access solutions can be earned back after the first equipment commissioning.

So, what has it led to? Quicker troubleshooting and expert guidance during commissioning and daily activities, leading to faster turnaround time


ServeVis helped create a digital version of all the documents that explain teams the steps involved in their various tasks. They were given training for every scenario that pertained to equipment commissioning (as suggested above), through interactive, step-by-step animated learning contents. 

The trainees experienced step-by-step guidance, with annotations to guide them hand-in-hand, every step of the process. This helped them have an intrinsic and detailed understanding of their scope of work, knowledge of equipment, procedures to safe work, etc. 

End Result? Engaged learning, higher retention, and improved compliance with work and safety procedures 

Realwear – A Unique Hands-Free Functionality  

RealWear is an end-to-end comprehensive remote hands-free platform with exquisite functionalities. The remote hands-free collaboration it offers has helped companies develop successful training curriculums, ensure business continuity amidst any bottlenecks, resolve any issues much quicker, and save costs incredibly.

The platform is enabling the factory of the future by creating solutions that are purpose-built for industrial use. Their assisted reality wearable solution engages, empowers, and elevates the modern industrial worker to be more efficient and perform work tasks more safely, with precision.

With RealWear, the workforce had the benefit of hindrance-free work (thanks to the hands-free capabilities of the device). This means that they were able to focus better on solving problems without being distracted by on-site circumstances. 

End Result? Improved work efficiency, eased training processes, and efficient remote diagnosis.  

Benefits Listed

  1. 73% improvement in workforce engagement 
  2. 65% improvement in the speed of task completion  
  3. 80% improvement in efficiency
  4. 38% improvement in ROI

Start collaborating with your field teams and customers to solve issues faster

ServeVis is a product of TNQ InGage. ServeVis enables you to see what your customers or field technicians see and guide them remotely with AR-powered visual assistance tools.


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