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Hands-free work for Increased Efficiency and Output

Agreed that the smartphone is one of the most powerful utilities ever. But is it good enough to perform efficient field work in demanding work conditions? If not, what can? Let’s understand through this case study.


Field services, especially in the construction sector, require frequent expert supervision and advice. But the expert in question could potentially have a lot of such supervision to carry out, leaving him overwhelmed. Incidentally, this will also affect the timelines of project completion as the expert cannot visit every site based on instant requirements. 

On the other hand, the teams tasked with the work also found problems with the work process, as they were forced to rely on smartphones, as it was close to impossible to hold a phone on one hand and focus intensely on the work. End result? Lack of efficiency in work, wasted time and resources, and sometimes even incomplete projects. 

We had the opportunity to work with a leading construction and heavy equipment company in India, and here’s an overview on the difference it created. 


ServeVis – Reduce Costs, Increase Efficiency and Output  


  1. Increasing demand for expert inputs, due to which experts are forced to travel across various locations at an unreasonable schedule 
  2. Piled up work when expert support is awaited, leading to delay in project completion. 
  3. Lack of a support system to mentor work and provide timely feedbacks 
  4. Lack of a proper device support, as working with smartphones could be difficult and make work strained & inefficient 
  5. Lack of an automated workflow, which made access to data and field work difficult

What could be the Solution?

A complete, end-to-end digital remote assistance platform for experts

  1. A live streaming space for central teams to monitor site/workshop conditions or train forces 
  2. Hands-free support for increased efficiency of work, better outputs, at a faster time
  3. AR annotation like sticky notes and video support for clear communication 
  4. End-to-end automation of work processes 

The Solution – ServeVis’s Real-Time Field Support & Collaboration Platform

After evaluating a few video based remote assistance solutions, GMMCO realized it needed a more versatile solution that met all their field support needs.

Real-Time Field Support

ServeVis introduced to the company an end-to-end visual automation platform, with hands-free device assistance in the form of RealWare. This multi-purpose head-mounted device was connected with safety helmets, enabling hands-free functionalities. It made machine services, maintenance, and other associated field work easier and more efficient – significantly improving the FTRs and the overall output and impacting the ROI positively. It brought experts closer to home like never before and bridged the communication gap between construction forces and the experts. What took weeks to solve was now resolved in a few hours. 

The solution was designed specifically for collaboration and instant help, to power GMMCO’s Virtual Field Manager concept (VFM). The concept empowers engineers to resolve issues faster by gathering timely and real-time information from experts.  Consider this, when a worker has a question at the job site – all he needs to do is take a picture, annotate it with additional information, assign it to the designated expert and generate a ticket. The picture is automatically tagged with the jobsite address and the question is assigned to the right GMMCO manager or expert based on the job location and issue type. If the question is not answered within a specified interval, it is escalated to the next person in the hierarchy. The experts were able to render quick and easy AR-Annotations based guidance to the engineers to perform service repairs on the Heavy Vehicles/ equipment/ machines and other aspects of troubleshooting. On the same page, it allowed the central team access to site/workshop conditions, the nature of work, track engineer movements, and provide advisories. 

End Result? – Instant solving of issue-at-hand, troubleshooting it in an unexpectedly shorter time. The hands-free support – lead to faster work completion and focussed work, increasing work efficiency and ROI. 


ServeVis helped GMMCO create a digital version of all the requisite training documents. Engineers were given training in a platform that is very similar to the various tasks they’ll be undertaking, through interactive and animated learning contents. 

The trainees experienced step-by-step guidance, with annotations to guide them hand-in-hand, every step of the process. This helped them have an intrinsic and detailed understanding of their scope of work, knowledge of equipment, procedures to safe work, etc. 

Training with Realwear – A Unique Hands-Free Functionality  

RealWear is an end-to-end comprehensive remote hands-free platform with exquisite training functionalities. The remote hands-free collaboration it offers has helped companies develop successful training curriculums, ensure business continuity amidst any bottlenecks, resolve any issues much quicker, and save costs incredibly.

With RealWear, we helped them develop a unique and smoother training platform that paved the way for efficient retention of concepts, safe experiences and compliance, and a satisfactory ROI. All this while reducing the tenure and cost of training. 

End Result? – Thorough grasp of the know-how. The cost and time of training were greatly reduced. 

End-to-End Automation

ServeVis created an end-to-end automated workflow, paving the way for a ticketing structure for assigning tasks – with corresponding data, reference images, and videos to the field engineers (along with a specific turnaround time).

This helped ensure that the engineers attended to their assigned construction tasks within the turnaround time using easy and step-by-step maintenance tickets created in the ServeVis tool. It also enabled the central team/expert to track the activities of the team. The central team was also able to access the dashboard for the complete track record of activities.

End Result? – Automated task assignments. Single touch access to the central team on the performance of the team, with relevant data. 

Benefits as Reported

  1. Instant troubleshooting of issues 
  2. Faster turnover of work 
  3. Easier, cheaper, safer mode of training 
  4. Automated assignment of tasks 
  5. Single touch access to monitor workforce and examine database 
  6. Powerful impact on ROI

Start collaborating with your field teams and customers to solve issues faster

ServeVis is a product of TNQ InGage. ServeVis enables you to see what your customers or field technicians see and guide them remotely with AR-powered visual assistance tools.


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