An expert in your pocket. IoT enabled mobile platform for real-time decision making and remote assistance.
Use ServeVis collaboration platform, and on-demand chatbots to transform how support is delivered to your customers as well as field teams


An expert in your pocket. IoT enabled mobile platform for real-time decision making and remote assistance.

Collaboration to solve issues faster

  • Conduct real-time chat with all stakeholders
  • Live audio/video calls with option to record
  • Upload additional information such as images and documents
  • Add experts from multiple functions or locations to the conversation

Provide support before issues arise

ServeVis’s patent-pending algorithm predicts potential customer issues before they arise and provides support material, such as FAQ, help documents, videos or user manuals, proactively.

Location-based issue routing

Issues are routed automatically to the rep who is the most qualified to handle the specific issue. Any unattended issues are escalated to the right contact in the organization for fast issue resolution.

Computer Vision AI: Intelligent object identification

  • Identify products using images, barcodes or text on the product
  • Quickly bring up related product documents, updates, and other product details (such as service history, and warranty status)

IoT connectivity for real-time instrument data

ServeVis supports IoT platforms including AWS IoT Core and Siemens MindSphere for monitoring, alerts, and troubleshooting

Data from connected equipment

  • Pull connected equipment data for faster issue diagnostics
  • Get data using NFC protocol when equipment is not connected
  • Make data available in the right format for field consumption

Data from other systems

  • Display product data (such as a warranty and service info) from related systems
  • Product specific updates
  • Product documents and other details

Troubleshooting checklists

  • Create your own troubleshooting or inspection checklists
  • Use checklists to guide contractors through the steps needed equipment specific troubleshooting
  • Use templates to collect structured issue information

Chatbots and smart recommendations

  • Chatbots based on NLP analysis of user questions
  • Get relevant information from knowledgebase
  • Support recommendations based on historical data

Smart ticketing and escalation

  • Report issues with picture or video
  • Annotate images for accuracy and detail
  • Use dynamic templates to collect additional information
  • Works in offline mode without internet connection

AR enablement with Smart Glass

  • Hands-free video for remote support
  • Deliver work or troubleshooting instructions directly to Glass
  • Speed up inspections and data collection
  • Support for Google Glass and RealWear

Analytics dashboard

  • System overview and trends
  • Technician activity
  • Expert activity
  • Response and resolution times


  • Export all key data from the system for external reporting
  • Schedule recurring reports for specific dates/times


  • AES 256 encryption of PII at rest
  • Password policy enforcement
  • Load balancer secured by X.509 certificates
  • User access control using roles
  • Extensive logging

Seamless integration with your CRM & FSM

Works standalone (ZERO IT development) or integrated with existing systems.

Seamlessly integrate with your app or website

Seamlessly integrate with your app or website. Use our iOS, Android or Javascript SDKs to integrate ServeVis into your existing app or website.

Start collaborating with your field teams and customers to solve issues faster

ServeVis is a product of InGage.

ServeVis enables you to see what your customers or field technicians see and guide them remotely with AR-powered visual assistance tools.


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