How can a field technician or customer connect with a remote expert?

Field technicians and customers can connect and receive guidance with a simple four-step procedure:
Step 1 – Receive support requests using ServeVis or any other channel.
Step 2 – Invite customers or technicians using a web browser or SMS.
Note – Our visual service works seamlessly without the need to download an app. Just send a link over SMS and get started with the visual service experience.
Step 3 – The expert gets to see what the technician/customer sees and guides them using AR tools such as step-by-step visual guidance, photo/video (annotations), sticky notes, and other interactive means
Step 4 – The issue is quickly resolved, with the video being saved for future use.

How is the assistance data stored?

While working on the maintenance or repair task in the field, the field forces have the option of recording all evidence and the details of work for quality verification, knowledge base, training, creating customer and issue-wise databases, formulating smart recommendations, etc.

Which device can an expert use to assist?

With ServeVis’s assisted reality platform, expert help is always available at the user’s fingertips through mobile, web, and smart glasses

Which device can a field technician or client use?

Again, receiving and giving expert help can be done with the help of mobile, web, and smart glasses.

What devices and operating systems are supported?

ServeVis is compatible with mobile, web, and smart glasses. Our visual service works seamlessly without the need to download an app. Just send a link over SMS and get started with the visual service experience.

Which smart glasses are compatible and do you provide them also?

ServeVis is compatible with RealWear HMT-1, Google Glass, HoloLens 2 and other smart glasses (Vuzix M300 and more to come). We also procure and provide these devices.

Which smart glasses are more suitable for field operations, any comparative study on this?

Out of the current available headsets, the RealWear is the sturdiest and one of its versions is Explosion proof also. We would recommend RealWear for our users as of now.

RealWear has a good voice-cancellation feature and fully rugged head-mounted device, it optionally snaps into safety helmets or attaches to bump caps and can be used with safety glasses or corrective eyewear.
Vuzix is also suitable for the field operations and it has similar features to RealWear.
Epson Moverio smart glasses provide a wide screen to the users so this feature makes it a better alternative for training operations

Let’s say my company has a service point 6000 km away and has a problem and I have it remotely. How can ServeVis help me with this?

Step 1 – The customer, as instructed previously, contacts your service point for any issue
Step 2 – You connect with the customer through an SMS
Step 3 – Collaborate with mobile, web, or smart glasses, and help the customer who is on a remote location to troubleshoot based on visual instructions/chat. Visual instructions could be conveyed easier through pictures, videos, annotations, sticky notes, and other interactive support data.

How does a supervisor assign a task and how much data is used during a ServeVis call, ticket assigning and Resolution?

The procedure for assigning task is as follows:

  • The supervisor logs into his desktop web App.
  • He then assigns a task to the field service agent. The task could be maintenance, repair, installation, or any other field service tasks.
  • The task so assigned to the field agent is shown as a ticket.
  • The field agent is provided with the right checklist (SOP) and documents for working on the task.

Depends on the available bandwidth (SD, HD, etc selected based on bandwidth availability). Assuming good network/bandwidth, 1 min may vary between 4-5 MB

How long does it take to learn how to create their own workspaces?

To create your own workspace, it would take anywhere from 20 mins to one day depending on the data you would like the platform to provide when a ticket is raised and help is sought by any of the users.
If all the data is ready at hand, it would take a max of 2-3 hours to get the platform all ready for your usage. You can also keep adding the information as you use the platform.

Will training and guidance be provided?

Yes, a demo will be provided prior to the purchase of the product, and training would be provided on the ways to make best use of this collaborative solution.

Is there a demo available?

Yes, ServeVis provides a demo of its functionalities. The demo is free. Let us know your availability and we shall get in touch with you for the demo.

What are the main product features?

Here’s what ServeVis provides:

  • Real-time chat/audio/video collaboration, with option to record. 
  • Smart ticketing and escalations that enable faster work assignments and interactive visual guidance
  • Don’t worry about the internet. ServeVis works offline with just an SMS. 
  • An algorithm that detects customer issues before they even show up. 
  • Automated routing of issues to the most qualified representative who can handle a specific issue. 
  • Intelligent object identification that identifies products based on images, barcodes or text on the product. 
  • IoT Connectivity for real-time monitoring, alerts, and troubleshooting. 
  • Create/use troubleshooting checklists or inspection details. 
  • Handsfree support
  • An analytics dashboard that maintains a track record of almost everything. 
  • Enhanced security.
  • Seamless integration with your CRM & FSM 
  • Seamlessly integrate with your app or website 

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Would I be able to add features I want in the platform?

Yes, Once you provide your detailed use case of the platform, we will customize it according to your differing business needs. 

ServeVis comes to you with comprehensive visual and automated features, we probably have all the features you might be looking out for. That said, we can customize it according to your business needs and work on incorporating any of your further requirements. For further details, you may converse with us @  98408 34132

Is it possible to customize this platform for my usage?

Based on your requirements, you can make minor changes to the platform to suit your needs without having to depend upon us.

Starting with Profile names to Logo and usernames etc, these can be customized by yourself.

Will ServeVis work over a cellular connection?

Yes, ServeVis works with a cellular connection. It is also compatible with web and smart glasses. No app is required to access it.

Can we use ServeVis without installing any app on mobile devices?

Yes, ServeVis does not require an app to run. Just send a link over an SMS and get started with the visual/chat experience. It will open on the browser of your mobile device and you can have a seamless experience similar to the app

What is the maximum number of participants in a session?

There is no limit to the number of participants in a session, as many participants as required for the call can join into the session and can be invited if they are not existing, licenced users.

What is the video streaming quality of ServeVis?

ServeVis has real-time connectivity, facilitating the display of annotations, sticky notes, and other means of visual instructions. There wouldn’t be any technical glitches during the process. 

Depending on the available bandwidth and the bandwidth of the participants, our platform automatically senses and adjusts to match their bandwidth. It can range from 144p to 1080p.

What type of documents and files can be shared and collaborated on online sessions?

Photo/Video, annotations, sticky notes, log file that contains service records and payment receipts, FAQs, help documents, user manuals, etc.  Excel, word documents and other data can also be shared on this platform.

Where is the ServeVis platform hosted?

ServeVis is A Collaborative Cloud enabled Visual Assistance platform. 

Is it possible to integrate the platform with 3rd party systems?

Yes, ServeVis offers seamless integration with your CRM & FSM systems such as Servicemax, Salesforce, Zoho, Amazon IoT, etc.

Is it possible to partner with ServeVis?

Yes, you could partner with ServeVis as a hardware vendor or as a reseller of the platform. Please connect with us on info@servevis.com.

What about security? Can someone take control of my platform?

ServeVis is secured with SES 256 encryption of PII at rest. Moreover, it comes with password policy enforcement, load balancer secured by X.509 certificates, user specific access controls, excessive logging. So, rest assured that you are in supreme control of your system and that no one can access it without your knowledge.   

How is ServeVis licensed?

There are 2 licences (Expert and Technician) to be purchased along with a one time cost of setting up the account.

Once setup, additional licences can be purchased over and above the current ones.

Start collaborating with your field teams and customers to solve issues faster

ServeVis is a product of InGage.

ServeVis enables you to see what your customers or field technicians see and guide them remotely with AR-powered visual assistance tools.


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