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Capture and disseminate tribal knowledge through your Community of Experts

Community of Experts

Spread expertise within your organization by creating a community of field engineers and in-house experts. In industries driven by innovation and marked by rapid and complex technological evolutions, expert communities act as an organizational muscle to retain knowledge and enable field teams to deliver innovative solutions to customers through cross-functional collaboration. Moreover, a thriving community of specialists can make the process of onboarding and training of new team members more efficient.
  • Effortlessly capture and spread expertise within the organization
  • Support technicians with real-time assistance from the community while the technician is at the customer site
  • Onboard field team members faster with training tools and expert help from senior members
  • Enable AI-enabled self-support with Chatbots

How it works?

Members post questions to expert groups

Get self support powered by tribal knowledge and AI

Instantly access knowledgebases on the go

Collaborate with experts using chat and live video

Post questions to expert groups

Using the ServeVis mobile app, field teams can ask questions to expert groups with details such as images, videos and documents. Questions can be posted to the entire community, specific expert groups or to individuals.

Get self-support powered by tribal knowledge and AI

ServeVis uses natural language understanding technology to process questions asked by field teams to make intelligent recommendations about potential solutions. Recommendations could be based on solutions of similar cases reported in the past or resources in the library.
The platform also supports an on-demand library of chatbots that connect to backend systems and help complete specific tasks such as ordering parts or looking up product information or answer frequently asked questions.

Access the knowledge base on the go

ServeVis provides a very flexible document library that can host manuals, videos, FAQs and other documents. The entire library is accessible on the phone or using a web application. Field teams are notified when new articles are available in the library through a personalized feed.

Collaborate with experts using chat, and live video

The community or specific expert groups are immediately notified when a question is asked by a field technician or engineer. The team member can then collaborate and exchange information with the expert community using their medium of choices such as chat, audio or live video in order to resolve customer issues faster.

Broadcast messages to the field

Broadcast technical product changes, known product issues, troubleshooting guidelines, and general updates to the community. Messages can be sent to specific expert groups, geographic locations and customer accounts. Members are instantly notified by push notifications, email and/or SMS.

Start collaborating with your field teams and customers to solve issues faster

ServeVis is a product of InGage.

ServeVis enables you to see what your customers or field technicians see and guide them remotely with AR-powered visual assistance tools.


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