Case Study

Boosting Knowledge Transfer Capabilities

The learning of Vehicle information is challenging and complex for trainees of the automotive industry. Though 3D graphics are used to train workshop technicians on vehicle parts and display information, it may not be enough to engage and equip them with the know-how of real workshop repairs and maintenance scenarios.


Augmented Reality has a profound ability to merge the physical world with the virtual, which creates a realistic environment for people to train. On more relevant terms, we can now visualize the innermost components of a vehicle and its part specifications that are otherwise inaccessible – thereby enhancing the efficiency across all levels of expertise. Such a realistic portrayal of training content improves retention of concepts, and offers a better perspective on how the real-world job would look. 

We worked with an automobile company who was looking for an effective virtual training solution that could be easily updated and scalable. Let’s dive in and understand the outcome of this project.


ServeVis – Making Knowledge Transfer Efficient, Retaimnable

Challenges in Training & Operation

  1. No exposure to real workshop repairs and maintenance scenarios
  2. Lack of engagement among trainees 
  3. The need for never-ending explanations & demonstrations – reason? Reduced retention rates 
  4. No system in place to diagnose errors early 
  5. Lack of reliable database.

What could be the Solution?

  1. Access to view vehicle components and specifications 
  2. Realistic training – this can improve both retention and performances 
  3. A scalable platform that can be frequently updated 
  4. Annotation feature for better communication 
  5. Streamlined workflow

ServeVis Solution

ServeVis built specific AR scenarios to enhance the company’s training and operational capabilities. This allowed the trainees to access vehicles from the inside-out, helping them to gather knowledge on the innermost components and specifications. As a result, the flow of knowledge was easier than ever before, enhancing the level of proficiency and expertise among the trainees – improving retention and on-the-job performance. 

Training concepts, especially in the automotive industry, is subject to frequent changes. With ServeVis, the technical trainers were able to easily update all training scenarios and immediately publish to view in Augmented Reality. 

Apart from the benefit it provides to trainees and those in charge of the training, ServeVis’s remote assist tool enabled the engineers to quickly diagnose and troubleshoot any issues by contacting relevant experts. The communication was clearer and better with AR annotations, whereby the teams or the experts may communicate through sticky notes, videos, graphical representations, etc. The employers were able to now track the performance of trainees and even check if the designated teams were meeting their targets, thanks to a systemized database.

Benefits at a Glance 

  1. Quality and enhanced flow of knowledge 
  2. Improved retention and on-the-job performance 
  3. Scalable, with the option of updating the learning concepts 
  4. Engaging and interactive 
  5. Early diagnosis and troubleshooting
  6. A database to rely on 

Start collaborating with your field teams and customers to solve issues faster

ServeVis is a product of TNQ InGage. ServeVis enables you to see what your customers or field technicians see and guide them remotely with AR-powered visual assistance tools.


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