The retail industry today requires a streamlined process, without which problem-solving gets stagnated. This has an overall effect on the entire store operations and customer service, denting the profits. Here, we discuss the role Augmented Reality’s remote visual, automated solutions could play in creating an efficient retail sector.  

Common Challenges 

  • Unorganized staff and store operations 
  • Stock loss 
  • Lack of brand standards 
  • Improper branding consistency 
  • Lack of insight on marketing campaigns 
  • Lack of store data and staff performance 
  • Stock loss 
  • Lack of regular quality inspections 
  • Delayed fixing of issues 
  • Lack of brand perception 

Introducing Augmented` Reality-based Visual Assistance 

The challenges in the industry emphasize the need for a streamlined visual platform. We’ll explore why, but first, here’s a preface of what it can offer.

Augmented Reality renders an IoT-enabled mobile platform for real-time decision-making and remote assistance. It enables workflow automation and real-time collaboration for various field tasks such as installation, repair, maintenance, inspection, and audit. 

Apart from the retail industry, the platform can cater to the enterprise and consumer segments such as construction, utilities, retail, and manufacturing.  

Salient Features – Retail Perspective 

The platform facilitates: 

Smart inspections using dynamic checklists for:

  • Inventory/stock inspection 
  • Customer experience surveys 
  • Store inspection for compliance and its standards 

Ticketing and remote assistance for operations staff, to help with:

  • Chat/video support for sales staff 
  • Capturing issues and non-conformances 
  • The latest updates and sales materials for staff

Challenges Addressed 

In what way can the platform pave the way for a cost-efficient, productive, and hassle-free retail experience? We’ll see:

Stock Loss 

Stock loss due to shop theft, damaged goods, and discrepancies in inventory stock would inevitably lead to an unnecessary drain in costs. A retail audit software could help identify problem stores so that suppliers or employees could resolve them the soonest. This leads to optimized accountability and the prevention of losses. 

Profit cannot be realized without a process well done. 

Unorganized Staff and Staff Operations 

The ultimate goal for every retail business, apart from profits, is improved store operations and customer service (which ultimately gives you profits). A streamlined retail audit process can help achieve this, as it helps remove all bottlenecks in the chain.  

ServeVis retail audit app can equip your staff with a user-friendly tool that helps them collect and organize crucial data faster and turn them into actionable insights.

Lack of Regular Quality Inspections 

You never know when standards take an unexpected dip. AR remote automated features can help you build smart checklist templates in minutes while maintaining a history of every check. With everyone on the same page, you’ll have eyes in every store.

Delayed Fixing of Issues 

There might be situations where an early diagnosis is made, but solutions just don’t come by. We have designed a ticketing feature that empowers your people to assign actions and sort out every issue on the go. 

Lack of Insight on Marketing Campaigns 

The world around you is flooded with marketing campaigns. So, it’s important to be ahead of the curve. 

Augmented Reality lays a space where area managers can easily document in-store customer experience surveys and report on brand consistency. Moreover, it can help speed up roll-outs and gain early visibility into store compliance. 

Lack of Brand Standards 

At the end of the day, customers hit back your stores for the shopping experience, and this is what AR can provide. 

Through a stringent retail audit process, it helps coordinate every aspect of your brand experience from operating procedures and service standards, to store appearance, promotions, and more.

Lack of Sufficient Data on Brand Perception 

Brand perception is not only important for marketers. It’s very important for stores to analyze it and channel their sales efforts accordingly. AR’s digital checklists can again be used to easily communicate the step-by-step priorities so that even the busiest stores know where to start.

With ServeVis, you can verify completion and control compliance with photos and enable stores to report any issues in real-time.

Why ServeVis 

ServeVis is a product of TNQ InGage, a company that has implemented more than 500 AR/VR projects in a short span of 8 years. Our solutions have proven to solve major enterprise problems across major industrial sectors. 

Through ServeVis, we roll out a feature that can fix issues faster and ensure team compliance with smart inspections, visual audits, and real-time support. It is one of the very few platforms that is designed with both visual and automated support. 

Our Retail Portfolio  

ServeVis is built to address all the above-mentioned retail challenges through its checklist/inspection and sales support features. Here’s a preview of them:

How Checklist/Inspection Works 

  1. Configure store or process-specific checklists 
  2. Complete/submit inspection using IOS/Android 
  3. Automatically create and track non-conformances
  4. View actionable dashboard/reports 

How Sales Support Works 

  1. The sales team initiates requests using the mobile app 
  2. Questions are assigned to experts based on request type and location
  3.  The team can chat with experts based on request type and location 
  4. The team also gain access to smart recommendations from knowledgebase and track record  

Troubleshooting instructions or work are delivered directly to smartphones, RealWear, and SmartGlasses.

A Glimpse of our What our Package Offers  

  • General Store Audit
  • Retail Store Operations
  • General Inventory
  • Retail Customer Satisfaction Survey Form
  • Health and safety 
  • Warehouse management
  • Personnel and Training