Not all sales processes need to be dedicated, nor should all job appointments be sales-related. Customer service agents and field technicians can do a very good job of it, as they are positioned to meet and maintain contact with customers on a frequent basis. They can drive revenues through upsells, service contracts, extended warranties, and the likes. But it begs the question – how do we make this mind-set shift? What can make these teams more sales-conscious in their approach? 

Visual Assistance and its Impact on Customer Relationship 

Visual assistance is a cloud-based Augmented Reality platform supported by AI functionality. It has been designed to ease field service communication through virtual guidance, enhance the efficiency of operations, reduce costs, increase revenue streams, etc. 

The platform enables customer service agents to see what technicians and customers see, in a way they would if they visit the site. This, combined with automated support, helps the on-field agent to understand the issue-at-hand quickly, saving money and decision-making time in the process. And guess what? Its pre-diagnostic feature can even help a contact canter to identify any potential breakdowns and service the customer accordingly. 

Now, this entire process involves continuous work with the customer to visually understand their issue, a process that can build a sound rapport with them. Formal methods kept the customers always in the dark, as they would have little idea of the issue-at-hand. 

Here, a customer service agent can provide guidance to the customer every step of the way using the annotation feature. For example, the feature allows both the agent and the customer to understand that the HDMI cable of the TV is bad and requires fixing. Based on the condition, they could make the customer easily understand the need for an extended warranty given the inevitable need to replace the part. Rather than being sceptical, the customer accepts a recommendation of good faith, constituting a win-win. 

When Visual Support is paired with Automation 

Here’s a highlight of the platform’s salient features and benefits, when combined with ServeVis’s own automated support feature:

  • Real-time chat/audio/video collaboration, with the option to record. 
  • AR annotations like sticky notes, videos, and graphical presentations for better interaction
  • An algorithm that detects customer issues before they even show up.
  • Support recommendations based on previous service records.
  • Intelligent Object Identification, providing instant details about the product and its service history.
  • Automated routing of issues to the most qualified representative who can handle a specific issue. 
  • An analytics dashboard that maintains a track record of almost everything. 
  • Troubleshooting checklists to guide contractors through the procedures mandated for equipment specific troubleshooting.
  • And much more 

All these varying functionalities makes the job of a technician easier, which serves the customer better in a range of ways – errors are minimized, their issues are identified and tackled very fast, they get perfect recommendations, and save money (as you would too). 

So, here’s a way to empower your teams, reduce unnecessary costs, operate profitably, and make sure that your customer rings you up again for future service requests. 

Paving Way for Effective Self-Service

It’s painstaking to hold on a phone queue, more so when awaiting a service visit. Customers can now connect and troubleshoot with a simple four-step procedure:
Step 1 – Receive support requests using ServeVis or any other channel.
Step 2 – Invite customers using a web browser or SMS.
Note – The visual service feature of ServeVis works seamlessly without the need to download an app. Just send a link over SMS and get started with the visual service experience.
Step 3 – The expert gets to see what the customers see and guides them using AR tools such as step-by-step visual guidance, photo/video (annotations), sticky notes, and other interactive means
Step 4 – The issue is quickly resolved, with the video being saved for future use.

Now Approach Sales Differently 

The margin between service and sales is very thin, and as we saw here, a top quality service call, and a series of it, can become a profit-garnering sale. Schedule a demo with us, and we’ll show you how.